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sawsz. >> tonight tragedy in santa cruz. man hunt ends with two police officers shot to death. we have the very latest live coming up. >> coast guard calls off the search is for family missing off the coast. was it all just a hoax?
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also ahead here. >> what are the chances that you will get a ticket for running a red light. number of violators caught on camera. who never actually get written up. >> just address those of you up for an award. >> oscar host seth certainly has his critic. why his newest ha[ woman ] my boyfriend and it were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes?
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this is a horrible, horrible day for the department. and 2 fine officers lost their lives. right now police do not believe there are any other gun men on the loose but as precaution deputy are going thousands house. here's what we know at this point. at 3:30 this afternoon santa cruz police were investigating a sexual assault at house on no suspect fired at police hitting 2 officers. second shooting occurred half hour later while police were chasing at least one suspect on doyle street. gunfire broke out and one man was killed. suspect. fbi join the investigation just after 4:00 p.m. so did law enforcement from the sheriffs office, capitola a-watsonville and scott's valley. all police department pitching in as well as the california highway patrol. >> our department is in mourning. this is a horrific day. in my career as police chief and for our community and for our police department. we
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lost 2 exceptionally fine officers today. my primary concern at this point is for the safety and well-being of my officers as well as the families of the deceased officers. we they'd to figure out a which to bring our department together and get through this. >>reporter: you can see the grief on his face. >> for now the sheriffs office is taking over patrol operation for the police department. obviously under tremendous stress. until today the city of santa cruz had never lost a police officer in the lien of duty. if today. >> shooting left 3 schools on lock down for hours. small schools brand middle school and mid town montessori. buses dispatched late this evening to deliver the children to the parents. police are holding news conference right now. we have the very latest on it on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. >> mean time some develop news. police pursuit wound its way through neighborhood in oakland tonight. sky 7 h d captured the case in progress. several
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patrol car in pursuit of red car. there they are zipping down the road. driver stops tries to run away with guns drawn. police go after him. it appears officers running after several suspect. at this point unclear what led to the pursuit. police are still in the area looking for the perso person. we keep you updated. >> we were over the scene of that gas leak our camera captured a police chase in progress -- forgive me this was happening gas leak over the scene of the police chase. we got a spot of gas leak. it was happening right now near castle mont high school at 85 and mcarthur boulevard. we ups the gas leak is behind the school and leaking into a sports complex near the campus. these are pictures from sky 7 hd taken jaws few minutes ago. not far from the police chase i just showed you. students are some of the residentststs. hazmat ut are on the scene and as far as we know no one has been hurt. but we are staying on that story as well. >> coast guard now called off
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massive search for boat that reportedly sank with family on board. coast guard7ko says crw searched nearly 20,000 miles over the past two days and found no sign of any sunken boat. no reports of any missing family or boat for that matter. this is video our photographer spent yesterday aboard the coast guard search aircraft looking over the ocean for any sign of this boat that called in some sort of distress call. well late today we learned bay area couple feared missing while traveling. crew began the search after receiving 2 distress calls on sunday from man on ship called the charm below blow and coast guard suspect the whole thing was a hoax not before tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on the rescue. here's nick. >> hundreds of rescuers combing 20,000 square miles of treacherous ocean. coast guar
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guard. navy. national guard. massive search spark sunday afternoon by this distress cal call. >> coast guard coast guard we are abandoning ship. this is charm blow abandoning shift. the man claimed he his waive and 2 young children cling to go life ring and cooler after the yacht sank 65 miles off the california coast. >> we approach every search as if its your own children. >> they lay their own lives on the line but the search turned up nothing. yacht called the charm blow coast guard can't fine it registered anywhere. or any missing persons reporting that tally after 42 fruitless hours. >> inspector commander made the determination to suspend active searching on this case. >>reporter: expensive hoax? last year authorities spent over 300,000 dollars searching for a party boat called the blind date off new jersey. >> 3 deceased. 9 injured. we have had an explosion on board. >>reporter: garbage. no explosion. a hoax. remember balloon boy 6-year-old from
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colorado who apparently floated away on a home made balloon? he was found hiding in the attic. at home. charm blow might now be added to that hall of shape. we are not investigating it directly as a hoax but we are pursuing every avenue and certainly is a possibility. >>reporter: possibility that all the effort for nothing. prank. joke. but who find it funny? nick watt abc news los angeles. >> well late today we learned bay area couple feared missing while traveling in south america has been found. peru police tracked down garrett hand and jamie neal on boat heading to the border prosecute peru meets equador. family friends very concerned after the couple stopped with drug money and stopped updates on their trip. they are surprised about the search for them. peru government authorities trying to get a satellite phone to the couple so they can call their family. . who have been so worried.
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>> new scrutiny tonight of controversial red light camera at bay area intersections. turns out that a lieutenant of the tickets that result from being caught on camera simply do not hold up in court. here's vick lee with the story. >> about red light camera captured this collision on san mateo intersection. but accidents like this are few. although san mateo police say they void most rolling right turns. most of the violences and many other cities are for those turns called california stop. now we are learning that almost half of allred light camera tickets are voided without the drivers even knowing. in san mateo o. 42 percent of thoughts tickets are thrown out. during review process by the camera maker and police. that according to red light camera monitoring group called highway the group says most other cities with camera also have similar statistics for pictures that are rejected. lawyers sidney haul hall filed class action suit against the camera.
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>> if we have a system we are only half of the people who are doing it are caught or at least charged there is some arbitrar arbitrariness and unfairness to it. >>reporter: ultimatelyly each violation issued by safety camera its both reviewed and approved bit issuing authority benefit is sent. even at american traffic solution largest red light camera maker claims more than half of the violation thrown out during the review process. but justifies that huge number by saying it's because of the thuvr 0review process. they produce this video which shows the detailed meticulous review. if the violation survives vendor eye police then check the violation before sending it to the courts. san mateo traffic sergeant tim sullivan. >> this is a misplus in the sense we are able to catch the ones that are maybe minor or not true violations and only send out ones that ultimately lead to conviction. >> getting the conviction is straining the coffer of local
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court. last year 11,000 red late camera case ins san mateo superior court. almost 30 percent of all traffic cases on the calendar. all this is taxing the court bump it which is cut by a third. >> are these red height camera citation the best use of court resources given police officers need to kilometer to kurt for these matters, best use of police resources to protect. >>reporter: some city like san mateo say the camera have made a differencement other city like los angeles said they didn't and they pulled their camera. ats red flag the 2 giants in the industry did not return our e-mails. vehicle lee, abc 7 news. >> well california legislative women caucus to the long list of group offended by oscar host seth. he was picked to lure a younger audience and while the rate wrtion good, seth raised concern with his jebing about singer chris brown pwution pop star rihanna and song about
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song and dance about actress whose appear topless in movies. >> to see their professional accomplishments be demeaned in such a way for them to be marginal ides to talk about the physiology rather than come president clinton. this is behavior that takes us back to the 50's. >>reporter: women caucus says mcfar lan new low in treatment of women. group formally complained to the academy of motion picture art and science. >> state lawmakers in the process of amending a rape law that dates back 1 40 years. might be surprised the law was ever put on the book in the first place but stun to know this it's still there. annette reports now from sacramento. >> hi. about senate public safety committee moved swiftly to bring california rape law in the 21st century. flash back
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to 1872. california capitol was still under construction and los angeles a mere village with 5000 residents. lawmakers pass a law to make ate crime to impersonate married woman husband in order to get her to concept by sex. by the narrow definition only rape if the victim is married. fast forward to today. l.a. county now home to continue million people and distinction still exists. >> large number of women in california are currently vulnerable to loop hole in the law unaccept nabl 2013 current state law doesn't provide protection. >>reporter: southern california prosecutors say morales broke into a sleeping woman dark bedroom in 2009 after boyfriend left and started to have sex with her. she didn't know her boyfriend had gone home and thought morales was the boy frechbilityd appellate court overturned the rape conviction because of the arcane law since the victim wasn't married he can't be guilty of impersonating her husband. no
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law covers impersonation of boyfriend. >> so what this bill does is it substitutes and defines the new term quote sexual partner end quote in place of the outdated word spouse in the rape statut statute. >>reporter: some group though are concerned with the wording and would like to see the bill amended as it makes its way through the legislative proces process. >> we have concerns about the definition in the bill by limiting the statute reach to someone who impersonate a person sexual partner. the bill necessarily excludes certain victims. >>reporter: legislature actually tryed to change the law once before when similar case happened in santa barbara. but it failed because lawmakers didn't want to add to the prison overcrowding problem. >> bill cleared the first hurdle and now heads the another committee. later becomes law it wouldn't be retroactive to the morales case. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> still ahead tonight open 7 news at 9:00. san francisco new cruise ship terminal and
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surprise element in the project that isn't going over very well with the neighbors. >> part 2 of 7 news i team investigation into a chemical now being found in our drinking water. look at the cost of cleaning it up. >> spencer is here with the weather. >> i'm here in the accu-weather forecast center where we see the warming trend continue but rain may showing up soon. accu-weather forecast coming your way. >> thanks spencer. plus gas prisons continue to rise. now california is set to make paying at the pump even more painful. stay mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress.
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price 0gas is brutal in california. state board is set to vote tomorrow on adding another is 3 and half cent per gallon tachblingts ironically because we are using less gas now than the state actually expected. the nick smith spoke with drivers who are already feeling squeezed at the pump. >> driving this van it is expense i have to travel anywhere. >>reporter: soon it could cost even more. california state board of equalization agency responsible for setting gas rates is expected to approve an increase to the gas tax. effective july 1st drivers hitting california roadway will pay a tax of 39.5 cents gallon
9:19 pm
crease of 3 and a half cents. >> it's hard. it take as lot of our money away from our whatever else we have other bills we have to pay. >>reporter: most cars on the road today only get about 20 miles gallon. according to bo e move is necessary because previous tax collection fell short of budgeted amount. if similar amount continues to be purchased the extra will equal taxen crease of 5 11 million dollars in a 12 month period. >> 10 years ago gas was under a dollar. around a dollar a gallon now over 4 dollars a gallon. >>reporter: contra costa county taxpayer association calls for tax on gas regret them citing the state high unemployment and fragile economy. if the board approves the rate hike it make california the most expensive place to buy gas in the nation. in oakland nick smith abc 7 news. >> in san francisco the ribbon officially cut on what will become the new 90 million
9:20 pm
dollar cruise ship terminal located along the waterfront at pier 29 and 27. but the massive project is not without its detracktor. wayne tonight explains who is not happy. >> everybody loves a ribbon can you get. well most people any way. certainly all of those inand outside the building that after the america cup will become san francisco new cruise ship terminal. but not far away up on telegraph hill some residents are expressing concerns. >> parking. and noise. >> kathleen among others worried about a recently expanded series of summer music concerts outside the building. maybe 2 or three times a week. >> it's a problem. when we have the treasure island festival every year which is jaws weekend the sound bounces into all living rooms as if we are sitting in the front row. >> mostly the residents are upset about how this came abou about. day before the announcement made we got an
9:21 pm
e-mail. since then we have been in touch but this process should have started a year ago for it to be done right. >> worry about traffic. worry about crowd. today san francisco mayor ed lee suggested they shouldn't worry at all. >> we'll work with commune kaiingt on these concerts. i do think that there will be a lot of people local involved that would love to come down here and experiencksñ that. >> telegraph hill 12 er note they don't want to stop these concerts fichlt they could turn it so that the sound was heading out to the bay. that would be very helpful. we are realistic. >> if you live in oakland not. >> what shoul casual observer make of this. we asked former mayor brown who is well quaipted with the project and telegraph hill residents now that the mayor its out of office he spoke freely. >> they have the weirdest collection of people that i have exposed to because there is nothing that they will agree that can be done that doesn't yield to their demands.
9:22 pm
>>reporter: you like him righ right. >> i love them. they voted for me. this is why former mayor brown is well former mayor will brown. both side are talking. expect to get a resolution to this problem before long. in san francisco, wayne abc 7 news. >> turn to the weather in other parts of the country. just when the cleanup began after one storm another wave of winter weather slammed america heart land. high wind help bring down this unsteady wall in austin, texas. tons of brick tumble into alley right after firefighters had evacuated near which businesses. snow also destructive in oklahoma. man died after roof collapsed under tons of freshly fallen snow. truckers waited for plow to free themal interstate highway white out conditions stopped big rig in the track. at the height of the latest blizzard. >> similar conditions in chicago too. storm forced at least 500 nrooits flight cancellation typical ripple effect throughout the country. chicago o'hare airport of
9:23 pm
course one of the mainly hub of the nation. at always check the flight if you or loved one connecting through o'hare midway or even kansas city. a lot of cancellation and delay. around here we are blessed to have fan that's particular weather. spencer here with the forecast. >> you are so right about that. feels lick spring has arrived already. settled in for the listening hall. take you over to live doppler 7hd. need i tell you we have mostly clear 68 s. no included around. certainly our radar sweep not picking up precipitation. south beach camera downtown san francisco looking east ward along the bay bridge under cher 68 s. 52 across the bay oakland 49 in san jose and another live view from our also from the same position. we licked it so much we keep it there. 45 degrees in santa rosa right now and in napa and 51 in gilroy. the forecast features are looking very much lake they lacked all week long. another mild day. few extra
9:24 pm
cloud on thursday. warmth on friday. we have it already but even warmer. that will be the warmest day in the 7 day forecast period. now the stooit satellite image as we animate it from 12 hours ago up to now shows movement of cold front pushing into the pacific northwest. cloud ahead of the front and some moisture as wel well. storm however are going to mainly stay north through the weekend. north of the bay area. we see few cloud coming in but no precipitation. start the forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. notice how the system moves eastward. tomorrow and into thursday. moisture stays well to our north. get some clouds moving to the bay area tomorrow night and into thursday so thursday will be partly cloudy but even the presence of the cloud will not inhibit the warm-up. overnight tonight though cool down. see low pressure dropping into the mid 30's and inland valley of the north and east bay and drop to 40 along the bayshore lean in most location. 42 the low in richmond. 43 here in san francisco. and on to tomorrow
9:25 pm
high. starting in the south bay. where it's sunny high reaching into the mid upper 60's. 68 at los gatos and morgan hill. on peninsula 66 the hyatt redwood city and menlo pavrjt mid upper 50's on the could he go at pacifica and a half man bay. count san francisco will rise to 62 degrees tomorrow 59 sunset district north bay mainly upper 60's 68 at santa rosa napa and sonoma. on the east bay we see high of 65 berkeley oakland 64 union city and fremont. inland east bay a little bit milder upper 60's there. 68 at life more and please anton. 67t concord. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. up to about 70 grease inland on thursday. up to mid 70's on friday. low 70's along the bayshore line and mid 60's on the coast. that is true spring lake weather. just few degrees cooler on saturday. few extra cloud in the sky on sunday. warm sunny again on monday and tuesday first chance slight chance of some precip.
9:26 pm
taiingts fall an we certainly need it despite the enjoyable lovely weather getting pretty dry out there. rainfall total well below seasonal afternoon so we need rainfall. >> dray for weeks. >> it has. >> thanks very much. >> frainers new stadium needs a lot lot of power and team planng to use the sun to do it. we have that story and blame game. accusations fly over collision accusations fly over collision in the antarctic.
9:27 pm
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>> class action lawsuit filed by an attorney in san rafael alleges that the king of beer is watering down the product. 2 sonoma county residents accusing busch of watering down
9:30 pm
budweiser and mick lobe they lingt list the alcohol content at 5 percent but the suit claims adding water before bottling cuts the content by 3 to 8%. they call the the accusations groundless and says they comply with all labeling laws. attorney josh boxer says his suit is based on statements from former busch employee. >> 49ers new santa clara stadium going green thanks to solar power. but as david explains it's taking a lot of planning to find where to put solar panel on the roofless stadium. >> score one for the worker at the plant here. manufacturing the next generation so already panel for the new forty-niner stadium. it's a team effort all the way. this comes from sun power based in san jose. fabrication done for sun power by 100 employee at the facility in milpitas. installation
9:31 pm
other aspects handled by texas base nrg energy that supply this rendering of where the panel go since no roof. they will be installed to top luxury suite tower covered walkway and the training facilities. >> we have got panel that will be on some of the entry way. of course the little bit of roof there is and then a need leading edge renewable area that has panel above the area like here in the court yard. >> panel generate on typical day enough power to run 100 homes. that power sold to santa clara municipal system silicon valley power but on game day the new stadium need power and equivalent to running 4000 homes. that's why this new sub station being built nearby. state of the art with 3 transformers. it can be controlled remotely from master control center and more than enough to meet the need of the stadium and other large customers. fb wants this nightmare blackout to stop the 49ers raven superbowl game in new orleans. >> there's redundant in every
9:32 pm
aspect including an extra feeder stand by just in case the first 2 have issue. automatic switch over. very well designed and well planned out. goal for the interest grated power system to be a show case of silicon valley technology and prowess. installation of the solar panel expected to start at the end of the year. daily production of the solar system is expected to offset the energy need of 8 home games. in santa clara david lieu abc 7 news. >> more to bring you tonight. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. get ready for sequel to titanic. talking about the boat not the movie. >> also 7 news i team has part 2 of investigation into a chemical that is turning up in our drinking water. tonight the cost of cleaning it up. >> and horrific story. hot air balloon in egypt engulfed in flames killing dozens of tourists. hear from san francisco man who saw it all happen. another
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aladdin bail bonds. >> good evening once again. told you a little while agatha the santa cruz police department was going to hold a news conference after the tragedy there today. 2 officers killed during an investigation into a sexual assault. one suspect killed. news conference ongoing live. uses started. take you there live in santa cruz. >> we'll start initially with the mayor and obviously this is -- there are no word to express what is going on here tonight and so if you could show the agree you can respect with your question west would really appreciate it. it's quite frankly something the city has never faced before. it's a
9:37 pm
tragedy that we hope to 97 face again but nothing even comparable to tonight this city history. so we are del with a lot of moving parts here and so you can understand emotion involved. mayor bryant? >> okay. >> thank you. i can not begin to express the shock and sadness that we feel this evening. 2 of our most beloved of swrers killed in the line of duty and it has rocked our community to our salute foundation. i would like to thaping our men and women of the santa cruz police department for their exceptional work. sheriff's department and all the other responding officers. that came from county surrounding to help news this time of need. we are forever indebted and so appreciative for your work. putting your lives at risk to keep our community safe.
9:38 pm
really i just ask that it our community keep the police forc force, the victims, their family all in their thoughts and prayers and again we are so thankful for the work that happened today and that the time, effort, and exceptional work of our officers to keep our community safe. with that, i'd like to turn it over to our police chief kevin local. >> thank you mayor. >> good evening lane. police chief of the city of the santa cruise cruz. it is with deep deep sadness that i stand before you this the evening to talk about the death of my 2 officers today. at the police department are like family. i have phone both of these
9:39 pm
officers for a long long time. there just aren't words to describe how i feel in personally about this and how my department is reacting to this horrific horrific tragedy. killed if the line of duty today were detective sergeant lauren butch baker. butch was 28 year veteran of the santa cruz police department. he was a longtime friend of mine. mentor. he leaves behind a wife, 2 daughters and a son who actually works for my department as community service officer. also killed in the line of duty today was detective elizabeth butler. elizabeth is a 10 year veteran of the santa cruz police department. currently assign
9:40 pm
to investigations. she leaves behind her partner peter and her 2 young boys. before i conclude tonight i just want to express my heart felt thank you or thanks to every member of our community who has reached out over this tragic situation. and offered their condolence and support in the loss of my 2 officers today. this is, this is the darkest day in the history of the santa cusz police department. thank you. >> good evening. what i'm going to try and do is give you a brief recap of what we know now and how this incident transpired today. what the status of the investigation to
9:41 pm
this point is and then what we can see in the coming hours and coming days. this afternoon the 2 investigators from santa cruz police department wept to the an address on grand sport drive behind. in a follow-up investigation we don't know exactly what transpired in that investigation to start but what we do know is that in the contact with the suspect whose name is jeremy goulet, 35-year-old male and resident at the scene, altercation ensued between the detectives and mr. few lay. both detectives were killed at that the scene. call for assistance went out in numerous ways. i believe both from the officers and from neighbors who heard gunfire. few lay was not on
9:42 pm
the scene when our initial officers are santa cruz police department and from the sheriffs office arrived. our officers set up a perimeter. trade to administer life saving effort and then called for further back up. as all of our organizations arrived on scene we put together a multi-agency team to secure the area and to attempt to typhoon the suspect. chief and i were just arriving open the scene when the first team who went out in an active shooter search pattern encountered ghoul 8. short chase ensued. gunfire was exchanged between the suspect and team xrised of sheriff's deputy and santa cruz police officers. g o ulet was killed
9:43 pm
at the scene. medley following this incident we gathered our executive management together and we determined that it would be most appropriate for the sheriffs office to assume investigative responsibility of the scene and the murder of the officers that had taken place moments before. this in no way should be reflection on santa cruz police department in the ability to investigate our our offer was to give the santa cruz police department to work together as chief mention as family come together and advice their loved ones. co-workers. what had happened. to the sergeant and to the detective. my office medley started house to house search and lock down the neighborhood. santa cruz police officers that were open
9:44 pm
scene refused to leave their post and maintained perimeter and i believe that's what kept the suspect inside this neighborhood and allowed us to neutralize it. once the suspect was taken down it was our responsibility to keep the community secure and to make sure that there were no other threats to those in the neighborhood. i recognize that 3 schools had to be locked down and that an entire neighborhood has been displaced from their homes. we sincerely regret that inconvenience to beth the students, parents of loved twhawns were at school and the community that was displaced during this time. and we thank you for your understanding in doing what you did to the allow to us carry on our investigation. we completed
9:45 pm
and are just now wrapping up house to house search of the neighborhood to be absolutely certain that there were no other suspects in this incident. it will take days if in the weeks for to us completely put together what transpired between the suspect and those officers that were killed and then what caused this to happen. so it's very difficult for me to answer specific questions about that this the evening. please know that in these types of incidents santa cruz county has critical incident protocol that was medley activated. our district attorney bob lee, the chief. >> you are listening to sheriff phil would mack santa cruz county sheriff talking about the tragedy today. in santa cruz. 2 officers killed if the license of duty. both shot to death. now identified as butch baker and elizabeth butler. by suspect who was also killed jeremy g o ulet. never before in santa cruz history has have
9:46 pm
officers been killed if the lean of duty and on this day lean of duty and on this day too well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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>> as we reported last tonight the california department of public health has was supposed to set a safety standard for the chemical chromium 6 found in the drinking water. after nine years that safety standard has still not been established nor the cost to client up. dan with part 2 of the investigation. >>reporter: if you want the know how to remove chromium from drinking water, you need to good to glendale. >> technically it's a very good process. very simple. >>reporter: don and his team
9:50 pm
have been doing research for 10 years to address not only glendale issues with chromium but the state wide problem. data from the department of public health shows different levels of the compound in water across the state some low some high. the chromium known to cause cancer when inhaled but debate over how much you can drink. >> we have seen very comfortably and reblye bring 1 part. >>reporter: that's down from 80 in glendale. but he says the simple process they developed isn't cheap. >> certainly can not treat all of this water with chromium removal otherwise we couldn't afford the water. we would be paying as much for the water as we are for our cell phone bill. >>reporter: cost depends on what the department of public health sets as stand arrested for the chromium in drinking water. standard that by law it was supposed to establish nine years ago. >> the lower you have the remove it, the greater the cost is going to be. >>reporter: according to the water research foundation and
9:51 pm
american water work association if the standard is set at 1 part per billion over all cost for initial set up across the state public and private is as high as 21 billion dollars. if the state sets the standard at 10 per billion system could pay 3.1 billion dollars to start clean up. >> poison. well documented. shouldn't be in your water. >>reporter: testimonyist brockovitch says the standard should be zero for chromium in drinking water. that's the public health goal set in 2011 by the california office of environmental health hazard assessment. public health goal is not enforce afternoon. used to help guide the department of public health official standar standard. but considered protective against all identified toxic effects from chromium present in drinking water. points out no process to get down to 2 level, might take another two years -- 10 years and more
9:52 pm
research needs to be done to see how much the chromium is dangerous to drink. >> that's enough. >> degree that that happens is still unknown. people working on it. we took water sample from drinking fountains in two bay area city to see if the crime is in the water. at the government administration be we found 1.64 parts per billion level. down the road at the park the number joined to 2.95. officials from san jose water declined to talk to us on camera but they have between 1 and 7 per in their wells. if the state sets a low standard they estimate it will cost about 500 million dollars to remove. our test in livermore found no detectio of the chromium at this park but we found this at buffalo park. >> that's not a surprise. >>reporter: she's manager of
9:53 pm
water quality for and said the nrevls livermore are as high as 11 parts per billion. >> that's where the chromium sticks. >>reporter: in preparation for the state standard cal water running test on the chromium removal. in conjunction with glendale trying to get a better idea of what it will cost them and you. >> in some community it could mean doubling tripling or quadruple of the water bill. >>reporter: the chromium occur s nature but also a byproduct of industry such as the chrome plating process. state department of public health declined to speak with us because it's being sued by several environmental groups. state says it may take until summer of 2015 to finally set the stand arrested that full 11 years past the dead line. this is abc 7 news. >> we manufacture on with the weather. we promise awe couple of stories tonight about the titanic and plan tragedy in egypt because of the bricking news in santa cruz don't have time to get to those. hope you
9:54 pm
understand. we have the forecast. >> when i say warming trend i mean it. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. notice by friday how temperatures will rise into the mid 70's inland. low 70's around the bay and mid 60's on the coast then just graduate hi taper off still remain mild in to next week next tuesday first showers in a while. >> larry is here with a physical night on the basketball court. >> yes. spencer saying it's warming up. i. >> it got hot in indianapolis. warriors getting physical with the pacers. or maybe it was the other way around actually. temper flare in indy as seth temper flare in indy as seth curry gets tossed around by a 7
9:55 pm
for over 60,000 california foster children, temper fnights can feel seth curry gelong and lonely. by a 7 i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
íáf- of. >> come up tonight breaks news at 11:00 tipping coming on the shooting in santa cruz and community is responding to the lots of 2 officers. double vision while driving. some drivers say they can't see clearly from inside popular car. michael investigates potential safety hazard tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on
9:58 pm
channel 7. but larry here with. >> warriors road trip continuing tonight in indianapolis. game ugly in the fourth quarter with brawl that broke out on the floor. seth can came out firing in the gam game. hit 7, 3's. barns. with authority. warriors up 1 14-10 early. look at curry. way out. off the 3 and almost had a season high 38. but the pacers second best record in the east. george hill. spin ramp a. 50-41 indy. he had 2 28. warriors victimize by a run. seth try to bring them back. warriors within 6 but 6 minutes left. shoving ensue then here comes curry. tosses him aside once then twice. he's 2 yichlt he gets ejected. warriors lose. ending the warrior 3 game whip streak. to the the ice. the sharks just
9:59 pm
one win in the last 10 games. but 25 seconds in the tank against colorado. bang bang goal. look at of going to the knee. they would even it up how far. he fires. chuck on the door step thank you very much. ties it at one. in the second period james shephard nice back hand effort right on to the stick of tj to make it a two 1 game. just tide up 2-2 late in the third. native robert gets the big chance against may weather junior in las vegas on may 4th. make talked with him about the most lucrative fight of his contrar contrary. >> because of the ghost can't hit what you can't see. but guerrero has seen a lot in the 33 fights. title belt in 4 division and now he finally gets the 7 figure payday

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